Shotgun Ammo

Shotgun Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
6,95 €

Shotgun ammunition for the Pocket-Shot

Shotgun load with up to 50 projectiles per shot


Shotgun Ammo Pocket-Shot


  • The ability to fire a wide variety of ammunition types makes the Pocket-Shot unique among all precision slingshots. Besides many variants of round ammunition and arrows, the Pocket-Shot can also be loaded with shotgun ammo.
  • Our shotgun ammo, which is matched to the Pocket-Shot, produces a homogeneous hit pattern with a medium scatter range. 
  • Up to 20 meters is the most effective range.
  • Shotgun ammo can be collected and reused via a sufficiently stable shot trap.
  • We avoid the use of lead and use a heavy steel alloy with high specific density. 
  • Shotgun ammunition is effectively used in pest control (rodents and birds). Legal regulations must be checked by the user.
  • One package of shotgun ammunition is sufficient for an average of 30 loads.
  • Shotgun ammunition can be fired with any type of Latex Module. We recommend the Arrow Module for up to 25 projectiles and the Shotgun Module for up to 50 projectiles.


The suitable Latex Module:

Shotgun Modul Pocket-Shot

With the Shotgun Module we offer a Latex Module especially designed for shotgun ammo and very large steel balls. 40 lbs tractive force on 35 cm extension length provide enough energy to shoot up to 50 projectiles with one shot. A neodymium magnet holds the projectiles in position. 



Produkt OBS Status Pris
Shotgun Pouch Shotgun Pouch
Shotgun Modul to shoot Shotgun Ammo as well as large Steel balls 12,95 €
Pocket-Shot Premium Pack Pocket-Shot Premium Pack
49,95 €
Pocket-Shot Pro Pack Pocket-Shot Pro Pack
49,95 €
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