50 Paintballs Cal. 50

Colour your world


  • The Pocket-Shot is ideal for shooting Paintballs. Wehter as a second weapon or as an alternative to markers for a battle of a different kind. The Pocket-Shot brings the extra fun factor to your arena.
  • Both the paint and the shell of our Paintballs are water-soluble, so used Paintballs are disposed of naturally over time.
  • Besides precision shooting with our original Pocket-Shot Ammunition, Paintballs are a lot of fun to use. Whether in a battle in the arena or in the forest.


Продукт Примечание Статус Цена
3 красных модуля Arrow 3 красных модуля Arrow
19,95 €
Трассировка боеприпасов Трассировка боеприпасов
6,95 €
Домашняя оборона / учебные боеприпасы Домашняя оборона / учебные боеприпасы
6,95 €
100 оригинальных зарядов Pocket-Shot 100 оригинальных зарядов Pocket-Shot
4,95 €
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Pocket-Shot 2.0

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