Frande Pocket-Shot Junior

(Latexmodule: Pocket-Shot Junior)
Frande Pocket-Shot Junior
Frande Pocket-Shot Junior
Frande Pocket-Shot Junior


Frande Pocket-Shot Junior

Tiny size - All the fun.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Pocket-Shot Junior in Shock Orange with
  • approx. 25 Rubber Balls



We've put all the fun factor of the Pocket-Shot in our Pocket-Shot Junior. The difference to the Original Pocket-Shot:

  • Much easier to pull black latex pouch
  • We recommend to shoot the included 25 rubber balls as well as our Original Pocket-Shot Practice Ammo.
  • High Precision and high rate of fire. Allows quick aiming and shooting
  • Minimum weight of just 40 grams and extreme compact with 4.5 x 3 cm

​Attention: Despite its tiny size the Pocket-Shot Junior should not be considered a toy and should not be used by children. 

Variantes de produit
Pocket-Shot Junior
Latexmodule: Pocket-Shot Junior
12,95 €
3 Ersatz Latexmodule
Latexmodule: 3 Ersatz Latexmodule
9,95 €


Produit Remarque Statut Prix
Défense à domicile / munitions d'entraînement Défense à domicile / munitions d'entraînement
More safety with our Practice Ammo 6,95 €
Munitions Tracer Munitions Tracer
Fun in the dark with our Tracer Ammo 6,95 €
Lot premium Frande Pocket-Shot Lot premium Frande Pocket-Shot
49,95 €
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