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3 x 3 Arrowheads for your Pocket-Arrow von Pocket-Shot

More power. More versatility. More fun.

3 x 3 Arrowheads











  • 3 Hunting Arrowheads - Make your Pocket-Shot to an effective hunting weapon
  • 3 Harpoon Arrowheads - Enable you to bowfish with your Pocket-Shot
  • 3 Training Arrowheads - Ideal for usage on 3 D Targets, different practicing targets and on wood
  • 1 Hardcover Casement - Secure transport of your arrowheads. Can also be used for your Pocket-Shot


Arrowhead in casement


Product Note Status Price
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Ideal to use on the Pocket-Arrow
29.95 € *
Pocket-Arrows Pocket-Arrows
Ideal to use on the Pocket-Arrow
49.95 € *
Arrow Pouches Arrow Pouches
The red Arrow Modul is ideal to shoot Arrows
12.95 € *
Arrow Pro Pouch Arrow Pro Pouch
Even more Power for your Pocket-Arrow
14.95 € *
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