Limited Mossy Oak Camo Pocket-Shot

Limited Mossy Oak Camo Pocket-Shot

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Limited Mossy Oak Camo Pocket-Shot
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Pocket-Shot Mossy Oak Camo Special Edition

Limited to 50 units*


Scope of delivery:
1 Pocket-Shot in special edition in Mossy Oak Camo design
1 Black Pouch (up to 300 fps)
1 Blue Pro Pouch (up to 350 fps)




The revolutionary Slingshot in the limited edition in camoflage design knocks spots off all the other slingshots on the market:

  • With up to 350 feet per second, equals 350 km/h, up to triple the airspeed of conventional slingshots
  • With 12 Joule by using a 5/16 Bullet of Carbon Steel up to six times the penetration power than with a conventional slingshot. Also much more penetration power than most air rifles.
  • High Precision and high rate of fire. Allows quick aiming and shooting
  • Minimum weight of just 55 grams and extreme compact with 6 x 2 cm


* Limited edition of 100 units to be sold within the European Union in the year 2017.


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Hammer Handle Hammer Handle
More stability - More range - More impact
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