Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls

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Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls
Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls
Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls
Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls
Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls
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250 Hard'n Heavy Clay Balls from Pocket-Shot

Eco-friendly slingshot ammunition in Pocket-Shot Quality


  • The original Pocket-Shot Clay Balls are made exclusively from natural pottery clay. Firing in a ceramic oven at 900 degrees Celsius gives them an extremely high degree of hardness.  They are 100 % biodegradable.
  • The 11 mm size balls are rounded and balanced in a complex process in order to deliver the best possible balistic properties for a completely sustainable product. They have a pleasant grip and above-average hardness.
  • In addition to precision shooting with original Pocket-Shot Ammunition, the Pocket-Shot Clay Balls offer the best possible sustainable alternative. Since they shatter at hard targets, the risk of ricochets is reduced as much as possible.
  • Like all products in the original Pocket-Shot range, these balls habe been optimally matched to the Pocket-Shot and its range of Latex Pouches. The Clay Balls can be used with regular slingshots as well.


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Arrow Pouches Arrow Pouches
Ideal to shoot Clay Balls
19.95 € *
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100 counts of Trace Ammo from 6.95 € *
Home Defense / practice ammunition Home Defense / practice ammunition
100 counts of Home Defense / Practice Ammo
6.95 € *
Pocket-Shot Ammo Pocket-Shot Ammo
100 shots of original pocket-shot ammo at an unbeatable price
4.95 € *
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