Arrow Pro Pack

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Arrow Pro Pack
Arrow Pro Pack
Arrow Pro Pack
Arrow Pro Pack
Arrow Pro Pack
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Arrow Pro Pack

Pocket-Shot set - Ready to shoot arrows


Scope of delivery 'Pocket-Shot Arrow Pro Pack':

  • 1 Pocket-Shot in Black Pro Edition
      including 2 Red Arrow Latexmodules instead of black and blue Latexmodules
  • 1 Pocket-Arrow
  • 1 Arrow-Cap for the Pocket-Shot
  • 1 replaceable arrowhead made of stainess steel
  • 5 Nock Covers
  • 1 Pocket-Arrow fabric carry bag



The (r)evolution of bow and arrow


  • The Pocket-Arrow can be taken down in 3 parts within seconds. Therefore he can be easily transported in you pocket.
  • With the Arrow-Cap you are able to shoot the Pocket-Arrow with your Pocket-Shot. So you are able to shoot Arrows without the need to carry along a heavy and bulky bow or crossbow.
  • The Pocket-Arrow can also be shooten with any conventional or makeshift bow.
  • The Arrow-Cap allows you also to shoot conventional arrows with your Pocket-Shot.
  • The arrowhead can be easily replaced. This gives the Pocket-Arrow even more multible uses.
  • The Pocket-Arrow has a length of 25 1/2 inch (64 cm). Taken down no part exeets 10 inch (25 cm). The overall weight including the steel arrowhead is only 0,8 oz (22 grams).
  • The hand-crafted Pocket-Arrow is made of high quality components:
    • Made with high quality extra long fletched feathers
    • Replaceable 125 gram field tip arrowhead made of stainess steel
    • Shaft made of ultralight and extremely strong carbon fibre.*

The red arrow pouch gives the Pocket-Shot a draw weight of about 28 lbs and the Pocket-Arrow reaches up to 140 fps. So please handle it with great care.




  • Our Red Arrow Pouches are designed to give your Pocket-Arrow as well as other conventional Arrows the maximum on range and impact. It gives the Pocket-Shot a draw weight of about 28 lbs and the Pocket-Arrow reaches up to 140 fps. So please handle it with great care.
  • It is also possible to shoot balls like our original Pocket-Shot Ammo with Red Arrow Pouches.
  • Our Red Arrow Pouches are manufactured out of 100 % Natural High Quality Latex



Please note that our Red Arrow Pouches therefore are a little harder to draw and they might be stiff for the first shots. Store the Pouches on a dry place and never pull them more than 13''. This way they will last long.


Attention: Never pull arrow over the arrow cap into the Pocket-Shot. Otherwise there is a high risk of injury.

Similar to illustration / superficial manufacturing marks on shaft possible / One nock cover already assembled.


Here you order the high quality original made in USA. Identifiable by the lettering The Pocket Shot on the ring. Rings and lids are made of extremely break-proof polycarbonate. Latex modules made of 100% natural latex with double-dipped pocket bottoms for extra long life and the unique clamping fins for the outstanding performance of up to 350 fps. For maximum performance, all original components are perfectly coordinated and compatible.


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