Blue Pro Pouches

Blue Pro Pouches

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Blue Pro Pouches
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3 Blue Pro Pouches

Even more power for your Slingshot Pocket-Shot with up to 350 fps



  • Our Blue Pro Pouches are designed to give you maximum Power on your Catapult Pocket-Shot
  • They shoot up to 350 fps and therefore bring out a maximum on precision, range and impact
  • Our Blue Pro Pouches are manufactured out of 100 % Natural High Quality Latex

Please note that our Blue Pro Pouches therefore are a little harder to draw and they might be stiff for the first shots. Store the Pouches on a dry place and never pull them more than 10''. This way they will last long.


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Premium Pack Premium Pack
Black is beautiful: The Black Pro Edition and the Fastload Holster in black leather plus 500 Ammo
£54.95 *
Pro Pack Pro Pack
Our all in one package for an attractive price
£54.95 *
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