Original Slingshot Pocket-Shot

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The revolutionary concept knocks spots off all the other slingshots on the market:


  • With up to 350 feet per second, equals 350 km/h, double to triple the airspeed of conventional slingshots
  • With 12 Joule by using a 5/16 bullet of hardened carbon steel four to six times the penetration power than with a conventional slingshot. Also much stronger than almost all Airsoft-, Paintball- or Air-Rifles
  • High Precision and high rate of fire. Allows quick aiming and shooting
  • Minimum weight of just 55 Gramms and extreme compact with 6 x 2 cm for a catapult

New: Our Pocket-Shot 2.0



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    Payments Slingshot Pocket-Shot

Here you order the high quality original made in USA. Identifiable by the lettering The Pocket Shot on the ring. Rings and lids are made of extremely break-proof polycarbonate. Latex modules made of 100% natural latex with double-dipped pocket bottoms for extra long life and the unique clamping fins for the outstanding performance of up to 350 fps. For maximum performance, all original components are perfectly coordinated and compatible.

Slingshot Pocket-Shot
Old price £34.95
£29.95 *
Pro Pack
Old price £68.85
£54.95 *
Premium Pack
Old price £78.85
£54.95 *
Arrow Pro Pack
Old price £79.85
£64.95 *
Hammer Handle
£49.95 *
Fastload Holster
£24.95 *
Fastload Clip
£12.95 *
Pocket-Shot Ammo
Old price £6.95
£5.95 *
Home Defense / practice ammunition
Old price £6.95
£1.00 *
Black Pouches
£12.95 *
Blue Pro Pouches
£14.95 *
Red Arrow Pouches
Old price £19.95
£12.95 *
Green Arrow Pro Pouches
Bow Release
£24.95 *
£34.95 *
Nock Cover
£12.95 *
Arrow-Cap plus P.-Arrow
Old price £54.95
£44.95 *
Old price £59.95
£44.95 *
£24.95 *
Pocket-Shot Survival Kit
Pocket-Shot Junior
£19.95 *
Camo Pocket-Shot
£34.95 *
Pocket-Shot 2.0
from £53.56 *
Trace Ammo
£6.95 *
£16.95 *
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