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Pro Pouches
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3 Blue Pro Pouches

Even more power for your Slingshot Pocket-Shot with up to 350 fps



Our Blue Pro modules are designed for maximum performance.

How we achieve maximum performance and durability with the latest generation of our Pro Latex Modules:

  • Our Pro Modules of the latest generation have pronounced tension fins which ensure an even muscular load when tensioning and progressively transfer the kinetic energy to the projectile when shooting.
  • The latest generation of Pro Latex Modules has been lengthened to 12 cm in the uncocked state. When pulled out, this allows for longer cocking lengths.
  • We rely on 100% natural latex for all products. In the case of the Pro modules we choose a softer mixture and in compensation a thicker wall thickness.
  • The above mentioned points lead to a very pleasant and even pull-out behaviour and a progressive transfer of kinetic energy to the projectile.
  • Furthermore, an even tensioning is made possible, which prevents tearing when aiming.
  • We have double-dipped the bottom of the latex pockets. This reinforces it further and makes our Pro Latex Pockets much more durable and less susceptible to tension cracks and wear and tear during prolonged use.
  • Furthermore, the new compound and the thicker bottom after the first shots gives a very nice grip which enables the shooter to grip very securely despite the high tension resistance.
  • The Pro Latex Modules are also optimally matched to the Pocket-Shot and the Pocket-Shot 2.0. Thus, best shooting results and ranges can be achieved with the round ammunition offered here.

All in all, we achieve a longer service life of over 500 rounds when used properly.

Range and penetrating power are maximised by more aggressive fins, longer extension and thicker wall thickness.

The target image is improved by a better grip, a more even and longer extension and progressive energy transfer when firing a shot.


The Blue Pro Modules are slightly stiff before first use. This will disappear after the first 10 shots. Store the latex modules in a dry place and do not pull them out further than 30 cm to enjoy them for a long time.




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Black is beautiful: The Black Pro Edition and the Fastload Holster in black leather plus 500 Ammo
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