About the Slingshot Pocket-Shot

About the Pocket-Shot

Fast – Powerful – Precise

The revolutionary concept knocks spots off all the other slingshots on the market


Pocket-Shot Combo


  • With up to 350 feet per second, equals 350 km/h, double to triple the airspeed of conventional slingshots
  • With 12 Joule by using the original Pocket-Shot Ammo of hardened carbon steel six times the penetration power than with a conventional slingshot. Also much stronger than almost all Airsoft-, Paintball- or Air-Rifles
  • High Precision and high rate of fire. Allows quick aiming and shooting
  • Minimum weight of just 55 grams and extreme compact with 6 x 2 cm





The Pocket-Shot in Action

How the Pocket-Shot was invented
The inventors of the Pocket-Shot took over the basic function of the slingshot and rejected the classical design to replace it with a more powerful mechanic. Through this revolutionary approach they could improve virtually all performance aspects ​​of a conventional slingshot. That gives the Pocket-Shot an outstanding performance which makes it almost not comparable to other slingshots:

Twice to three times the airspeed
The Pocket-Shot will reach up to 300 fps with the Black Pouch and up to 350 fps with the blue pro pouch. 350 fps match 350 km / h. This gives the bullet a stable trajectory as well as maximum penetration power.

Four to six times higher impact
With our Pocket-Shot ammo made of hardened carbon steel fired with the Blue Pro Pouch will reach an energy level of about 12 joules. This equals four to six times the penetration power of a conventional slingshot. This makes the Pocket-Shot much stronger than almost all Airsoft- , Paintball- and Air-Rifles that are restricted to 7,5 Joules and have much smaller projectiles.

High precision
The Pocket-Shot can be quickly and precisely aligned on objectives.
The high muzzle velocity and bullet energy provide a stable trajectory.
The delayed tilt angle allows the shooter to hit targets quickly and accurately even if they are a long way off.


High rate of fire per minute
With a little practice you will be able to bring much more bullets to your target in comparison with a conventional slingshot. This is due to the Pocket-Shots unique design that allows the shooter to just drop the projectile into the pouch and it positions itself automatically. This allows the shooter even to load, draw, aim and shoot without leaving his target out of sight.

Allows to draw, aim and shoot very quickly
The projectile will position itself automatically by dropping it into the pouch. The shooter can hold the projectile within the latex bag while hiking and is able to draw, aim and shoot within a split-second.

Minimal weight and compact design
The Pocket-Shot is literary made to fit into your pocket so you will be able to carry it around all day.  It weighs only 55 grams and can be compactly stowed on 6 x 2 cm.  So this gives you an extremely powerful slingshot, but also one that you can carry always and everywhere in your pocket.
The clever design even allows you to store the bullets safely within the pouch.


Everywhere and Every day carry
Ranging in size from less than 6 x 2 cm, they can be easily stowed in the trouser or jacket pocket.
The inconspicuous design does not reveal this highly effective weapon. The Pocket Shot is made of carbon-reinforced plastic and high-quality latex. There is no metal attached.


Extremely versatile in ammo
We recommend 5/16 bullets of hardened carbon steel. In addition to precise trajectory and high impact strength, they are cheap and easy to carry within the Pocket-Shot.  Next also conventional steel balls, paintball bullets of all calibers, Airsoft ammunition, ceramic balls, marbles, roundish stones, even arrows, blowpipe arrows and crossbow bolts up to various sweets (z. B. Drops like M&M's) or bait for fishing can be fired by the Pocket-Shot.

Ingenious design down to the last detail
The ammunition can be carried within the Pocket-Shot. 100 5/16 bullets of hardened carbon steel fit comfortably. The cap of the Pocket-Shot works also as it’s the screwdriver to change the modules. No additional tools required.  The use of high-quality latex and carbon-reinforced plastic makes the Pocket-Shot extremely robust and durable. Pouches can replace. The Pocket-Shot is produced entirely in the USA on highest standards.

Very versatile in use
All this arguments make it the perfect choice for survivalists, preppers, huntsmen, firearm- and slingshot fans. It is top rated by experts and enthusiasts as the best choice for a daily carried firearm (EDC - everyday carry) and as a hunting weapon in a survival situation and therefore recommended as there weapon of choice within survival kids an bug-out bags.

Safety Note:
Please check your local weapons law before acquisition, carry and use of Pocket-Shot. Since we deliver directly within the European Union there is no customs office doing that for you.

The Pocket Shot is not a toy, but an accurate and highly powered weapon. They should only be used by adults in a safe environment and kept away from children.



Upgrade the fun-factor with the accessories from our webstore: 

  • Pocket-Shot Ammo made of hardened carbon steel – The ideal ammo for the Pocket-Shot
  • Even more power for your Pocket-Shot - With the Pro Pouches you will reach up to 350 fps, equals 350 km/h
  • The perfect balance – Our Black Pouches are easy to handle and also very powerful
  • For even faster aiming and shooting – Our Fastload Clip allows rapid fire without leaving the target out of sight
  • Play it like a Pro with our Pro Pack



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