Tracer ammo

(Zubehör: 100 Schuss)
Tracer ammo
Tracer ammo

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100 counts of Trace Ammo / Glow in the dark ammunition

Pocket-Shot fun even in the dark


  • Fluorescent ammunition for the pocket-shot.
  • Put the balls briefly in a light source, e.g. from a flashlight and it starts to glow
  • The trajectory can be followed at dusk and in the dark.
100 Schuss
Zubehör: 100 Schuss
6,95 €
100 Schuss mit UV Licht
Zubehör: 100 Schuss mit UV Licht
9,95 €


Produkt Bemærk Status Pris
100 stk. original Pocket-Shot ammunition af hærdet carbonstål 100 stk. original Pocket-Shot ammunition af hærdet carbonstål
3,95 €
Hjemmeforsvar / praksis ammunition Hjemmeforsvar / praksis ammunition
6,95 €
Pocket-Shot Premium Pack Pocket-Shot Premium Pack
49,95 €
Paintballs Paintballs
6,95 €
Hard'n Heavy Lerbolde Hard'n Heavy Lerbolde
5,95 €
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